Vending Machines with InstantX.

We have leveraged Dash, the most innovative crypto-currency in the market, to show off InstantX in a real world point of sale scenario. This can't be done with any Bitclone, without zero confirmation double spend risk. The code for DashNDrink has been compiled and released as an open source project.

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DashnVend Overview

We have designed this software for point of sale. It will enable any new device to easily adapt the github packages. This is the first iteration of what can be done when you leverage the technology Dash has baked into its amazing protocol. Moocowmoo has released the Dash-N-Drink project code onto github and encourages everyone to build new toys with it!

Generate Payment Addresses

DashnVend generates unique payment addresses for each transaction.

Local Dashd Support

DashnVend masquerades as a local dashd peer (port 9999 communication).

InstantX Support

Payments are received and confirmed instantly via InstantX. Also refunds non-InstantX transactions and overpaid or underpaid InstantX transactions.

Watches for Transactions

DashnVend watches for transactions on the Dash network to the next payment address.

Counts Masternode Locks

DashnVend counts Masternode locks for passing transactions by default.

Triggers 2 Relays

DashVend triggers two relays (sign light, product release) when the lock count meets a configurable threshold.

How Does DashnVend Work?

The code for the DashNDrink is designed to be used with a standard vending machine that triggers a credit by closing a relay. Once the code is downloaded and setup on your Raspberry Pi, it will detect when an Dash InstantX transaction is received and trigger the credit input. A second relay also triggers the display lights to flash.

The Decision Process

  • This flowchart shows the decision process behind the code.
  • Flow Chart

The Components

  • This schematic shows how all the components are wired up. We didn't use the camera shown here, but it is a option for the Raspberry Pi.
  • Schematic

Detailed Setup Instructions for the DashnVend Code are on Github

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Looking for more cool Dash projects? Join us over at the forums where we're always doing projects like this! All funded by the Dash Network. Check out the latest Dash Budget Proposal and vote here. For more information about the Dash N Drink machine contact us at Or just get in touch with us over at the Project

Are you looking to get involved with Dash more? We have a wonderful slack channel where anyone is welcome to join us, Dash supporter or not.